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We like to watch football games so yesterday was a treat. Also had nothing to do other than relax, eat and watch football on TV. The best was saved for last. We watched the Boise State/Oklahoma game. That has to be one of the most exciting and enjoyable games ever played. Oklahoma tied the score with only a minute or so left in regulation time. Then on the first play for Boise State, Oklahoma intercepted a pass and ran it in for a TD, and took the lead for the first time in the game. It appeared to be all over for Boise State, but they came back and tied the game with 7 seconds left to play. Wow!

In overtime, Oklahoma made it look easy as they scored on the first play and took a 7 point lead. Boise State then ran a series of plays and, with a 4th down, scored a TD. They could have kicked the extra point to tie the score and go into the second overtime, but instead chose to try for a 2 point conversion. It was a win or lose decision. They scored the 2 points on a trick play and stunned the crowd by winning when they were heavy underdogs. What a game!!

We stayed awake once again until quite late to watch that game and then were wound up tight, making sleep delayed for awhile.

Marilyn & I are up early this morning. It was only 68 degrees inside the RV as we had the heat turned off when we went to bed. We turned the furnace on to take the chill off and now it is toasty. The temps will only get to about 60 today so it will be cool all day. It is supposed to get to 75 on Friday but rain is in the forecast. I have been wanting to grill something outdoors, so maybe we can do that Friday if the rain isn't too bad. We'll see.

Today we are going to Fredericksburg with Rick & Sherry. I'll have to tell you about that tomorrow. For now, it is time to get some orange juice, take out the trash, and finish getting ready to go. It had been a delight getting up early and watching the day come alive. People are out walking their dogs. Some of the little dogs have coats on. The outside temp is only 38 this morning. Burrrr... Well, let's get going and see what this day brings.......

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