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The title may be a bit misleading because it seems every day is a day to relax, but that isn't so. We are sometimes busier than when I was working. The primary difference is that we are having fun and enjoying life. Yesterday evening we drove to the north side of San Antonio to the home of Brian & Deb. We had lots of fun with the company of good friends, really good food, laughter, and lessons in "Texas Hold 'em". The lesson only cost me $20 so I consider it an investment. I lasted nearly 3 hours in the game before running out of chips. :)

While the guys played poker, the girls played dominoes and Farkle, another fun game. My good friend, Ralph Mitten, called from Wichita, to wish us a happy new year and a happy birthday for me. I was just raking in a pot when he called so I guess the call was good luck. Wish he had called a few more times in the evening. :)

We arrived back at the RV a little after 1:00AM this morning. Jennifer called at 6:30 AM on her way to work. We were awake waiting for her call.

We have plans to go with Rick & Sherry to Fredericksburg, TX, tomorrow. That is an interesting place. Check out their web site at: www.fbgtx.org/other/history.htm

On Thursday, Marilyn and I are driving to Bracketville, TX to visit the Alamo Village. That is a re-creation of the way the alamo looked in 1836, and was created for movies. It is an active movie set and should be interesting to see. I will plan to post pictures after we get back. They do have a web site you can check out at www.sdsoldiers.com/alamo_village.htm

Because we are leaving on Sunday, our friends want all of us to go to dinner together on Saturday night, at a really good Mexican restaraunt. So, as you can see, we are staying really busy, but it is all enjoyable.

Today is a day for football, parades, more good food, maybe a nap in front of the TV, with feet propped up and a pillow behind my head.

I have to get some cash at some point. The money on hand is minimal and I need to look into that. We have a credit card and a debit card so hopefully it won't be too difficult to improve the financial picture. Oh well, the rent is paid, no bills are due, plenty of food and drink on hand, and few concerns, so bring on the day. Time to do a few chores like dumping the holding tanks and taking out the trash. More tomorrow.....

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