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Entering the White Sound anchorage at Green Turtle Cay,

An old jail in New Plymouth





Happy New Year from Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas. The Island was geared up for a celebration when we arrived on NY Eve afternoon. Within minutes of anchoring, a couple stopped by on their dingy to invite us to a NY Boater's Pot Luck. Bring anything, they said and come up to Brendall's Dive Shop around 5. Pretty well everyone in the anchorage was planning to attend, they told us.

The Captain rustled up some delicious Crawfish Jambalaya and we mototed over to shore. The turnout was amazing, about 60 people lounging around in the balmy evening air watching the sun go down for the last time in the year.

New Year's Day the celebrating started again early. We enjoyed a short dingy ride to the town of New Plymouth on another part of the island and joined in the revelry. We wandered around town and out into the countryside exploring while we waited for the Junkanoo to begin. It's a big, noisy, colourful parade through the streets of town, supposedly beginning at 2, maybe 3, maybe 3:30. Ah, Island Time. We had lots of time to wander around and explore and people watch. We would sit for a while and watch people walk by and then we would walk around town again, all the way along the shoreline and back to where we started and sit and watch others, over and over again, waiting for the Junkanoo. That's what everyone was doing so we did too. It seemed like every family on the Island had a stand set up with delicious home made food for sale and of course lots of liquid refreshment. The music booming from the center of town kept everyone on the island hyped until the parade began.

We had a great spot to watch on the side of the road, close enough to feel the edges of the costumes brushing by. It was worth the wait and a fun way to spend the first afternoon of the year.

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