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An aerial shot of North Bimini Island

Diamond Lil at the Bimini BlueWater Club

A beautiful calm day on the beach on North Bimini Island


Merry Christmas

My new prescription snorkelling mask

Christmas pot luck dinner

Beautiful house

A typical store in Bimini

The burned out remains of Ernest Hemingway's famous haunt The Compleat Angler

Queen's Highway (my kind of highway)


Bimini is where we began our Bahamian adventure last year and where the story ended as we left from here after coming full circle on our tour of the northern Islands. We've been drawn here once again as we return to the Bahamas, both eager to return to this little tropical paradise.

Bimini is so refreshing. There is nothing commercial about it. Arriving on Christmas Eve we found a few stores open but nobody rushing around shopping or in fact rushing around at all. One thing you definately never see on Bimini is anyone rushing around. Not ever.

Customs and Immmigration is open 365 days of the year in Bimini, every day that God made as the Customs agent put it, even Christmas day. Sure enough, several boats did arrive and check in on Christmas day.

There were a few Christmas decorations in the store but only a very few and no special food or Christmas paper or cards or outward signs of Chrstmas, just people quietly going about their business.

We were invited to a Christmas pot luck buffet by the woman on the boat next to us. There were about 15 or 16 of us and we feasted on turkey, potoatoes, stuffing,rice, salad, nachos, chili, and carrot salad. We ate at 2 pm and socialized for a while before everyone did their own thing.

The Captain and I spent four relaxing days wandering down the pretty, narrow roads of Bimini, mainly 2 roads,the King's Highway along one shore, the bay side and the Queen's HIghway up at the top of the hill along the beach and ocean side. Narrow laneways lead up and down the hill from one road to the other. Bimini is so photogenic and I can't stop taking pictures and video.

Boxing Day morning we were woken before dawn by the deep, throbbing sound of drums out on the street. It was a Boxing Day Junkanoo, a parade held at daybreak. We all scrambled out of our warm beds, made coffee and wandered out into the street to watch the parade.

After 2 days at the marina and anther 2 days anchored in the bay we were humming and hawing about which route to take. We had planned all along to head north from Bimini, through Great Bahama Island and take the route up and around Great Abaco Island and south down to the Sea of Abaco.

Everyone else we met was heading directly south, through the Berry Islands, past Nassau and down to the Exumas. We almost changed our plans but for several reasons decided to stick with Plan A.

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