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It's hard to believe our cruise is almost over. I have to admit it's been one of the most carefree and relaxing voyages we've ever made. Perhaps it's the itinerary. We've visited all of these islands and didn't really feel the pressure to explore. We've also found a nice rhythm in our shipboard routine. For what ever reason, it has been a very restful vacation. Maybe we just needed that!

We've spent the last two days in the US Virgin Islands. Because this was our point of reentry into the US we did our immigration clearance on ship at 8:30 AM. They asked US citizens to pick up their passport and proceed to the King Olav Lounge. Foreign nations did the same, reporting to the club. Within a half hour most of the passengers were cleared but as always, someone oversleeps or doesn't bother to show, so clearance was delayed by another half hour.

Friday we anchored in Cruz Bay for the day and Saturday we docked for a half day in St. Thomas. The weather on Friday was cloudy with several "splash and dash" showers. I took the tender ashore and decided to do some walking. There are lots of hills, so my short stroll to a local market was good exercise. I poked around in a few shop but the urge the buy just wasn't there. I took shelter from the rain once on my way back and more dark clouds were looming so I decided to go back to the ship for lunch. At 12:30 the skies opened for about 30 minutes but the weather improved in the afternoon and we had a beautiful sail away at 5 PM.

Tom and I decided to celebrate our anniversary in "2", the small restaurant on deck 7. During the day they serve breakfast and lunch buffets but in the evening the space is transformed by candle light. They offer a small but interesting tasting menu and like Steak Night, the menu suited us, so we made reservations.

We started with escargots a La Bourguignon, then mesclun, with crisp bacon, walnuts, goat cheese and raspberry vinaigrette and Provencal grilled lamb chop with roasted vegetables and potato gratin for our entrée. As we considered the dessert menu Ryan arrived with a beautiful chocolate cake with "Happy Anniversary" frosting. We were very touched. They quickly offered to deliver the cake to our suite to enjoy later. We agreed because we both wanted to try the Melted Warm Chocolate Ganach Cake with Vanilla Chantilly, Brandy Ice Cream! So, we had our cake and ate it "two"! Actually we offered the large anniversary cake to our stewardess to share with other crew members - we are obviously overloaded with good food!

After dinner there was a fabulous Broadway Concert, staring Michele, Bonnie and Eric. They are all very talented performers and the show was excellent.

We arrived in St. Thomas bright and early to find the behemoth "Adventures of the Sea" docked at Havensight. This ship is SO large that from deck 8 (top of the Legend) I was looking directly at their main deck! I think you could put our ship in their "hold".

After breakfast I again decided to walk a bit. I strolled down our gangway and walked toward the Adventure....it is so large, like a sailing skyscraper. Even though they arrived hours earlier, clearance had just been issued and the passengers started disembarking. Hoards of people came swarming down the gangway. It was a tide of humanity with beach bags, strollers, etc. apparently on a race to see who could set foot ashore first. There is no clearer example of why we choose a small ship. One look at the crowd and I loved Seabourn even more.

All too soon it was time to set sail for Fort Lauderdale. We will be at sea 2 1/2 days.

Last night there was dessert and dancing under the stars. I can't report on that. I sure it was fun but we decided to make an early night of it and were watching DVD's in our suite by 10 PM.

Tonight is New Year's Eve so many activities are planned. I know they have thousands of balloons to inflate. The cruise staff will be busy this afternoon! We'll try to keep up our lazy schedule. It's our "job"!

Happy New Year to everyone! Wishing all of you good health and happy days in 2007.


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