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It began to rain yesterday, while we were at the mall. Poured cats and dogs off & on all afternoon and night. We drove to Rick & Sherry's home for dinner, where we were joined by Don & Sharon Murphy. Don was another high school classmate, as was Sherry. Sherry fixed a wonderful meal. I asked Marilyn to get the recipes for several dishes. We visited, played cards and then played dominoes. It was an evening full of fun, filled with the warmth and laughter of good friends. We got back home to our RV a few minutes after 1:00AM this morning. It was raining hard at that time and the sound of rain on our roof made for wonderful sleeping. I guess I should mention that there were tornado watches in effect for most of the afternoon yesterday, but rain was the only weather we had. The outside temp is 48 degrees this morning. We are having our coffee and then going up to the clubhouse for a pancake/waffle breakfast which the RV resort sponsors. No cooking this morning for us. :) We look forward to meeting the other RVers, learning about their travels, good places to visit, etc. I also want to thank all of you readers of our website. We are getting many hits from other RVers, family and friends. Friends from different parts of the world comment from time to time. My good friend, Captain Belusic, or Captain Beli, as he prefers to be called, writes often and is a loyal reader. We flew together from Paris to London to Kano, Nigeria, to Lusaka, Zambia, to Mfuwe, Zambia, to Seychelles, and across the Indian ocean to Mumbai, India. We have shared some exciting experiences and it is always a pleasure to hear from him.

Well, time to finish coffee with my Honey, Marilyn, before we get going. Can't wait to see what's down the road....

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