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Approaching English Island

Approaching English Island

Still approaching

still again

Ashore on English Island

I love this photo

Deserted beach


This morning we loaded all the provisions into the boat and left Havelock Island. 2 hours later we were onshore at English Island unloading everything again. We are all alone on this island and it is very cool indeed. The water is blue green and we have found a nice area inside the trees to set up camp so that passing ships don't see the fire. It's not like what you'd expect really, it's not like in the movies where it's a clean, clear beach, there is a lot of rubble and waste washed up onshore so I would call it rustic but we are on a deserted, tropical island and it is gorgeous. The fellas who brought us here caught a fish on the way and gave it to us so we had that for dinner tonight.

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