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We set sail from Papeete at 4 in the morning and arrived off the island of Moorea by 7.30 am. We were sailing out of Opunahu Bay on our 43' Catermaran by 8.30am.

Rum punch [Mai Tai] breadfruits and pineapple were given to us regularly by one crew member, Sandy, as we sailed into Cook's Bay where the scenery was absolutely breathtaking; Described by many as Bali Hai. We later snorkelled over coral reefs populated by every tropical fish under the sun not to mention the odd ship wreck. In the afternoon we had lunch with Sam and Paula at the famous Sheraton hotel where every room is a bungalow built on stilts over the water. We then swam off the sandy beach until our open topped four wheeled drive taxi driver arrived to take us back to the ship. Today has simply been magical and one of the best of our lives. We truly thank God for this wonderful experience.

Sam told me he was born in the Bronx in New York, had worked hard and become wealthy. Among other things he owned a shopping mal in Las Vegas. He had wanted to snorkel all his life and this was his last chance. Sam and Paula were going to have lunch at the Sheraton and there he was going to try again to snorkel off the white sandy beach at the hotel. He asked if I would help him and the four of us set off in an open topped taxi. Sam learned to snorkel this day and whilst in the water he and I became surrounded by scores of tropical fish. They were blue, silver, pink, orange black and white and yellow and green. I told Sam that I knew people who didn't believe in God and that I thought they were stupid. Sam agreed and said that it was God who had made the fish but it was my crazy multi coloured swimming trunks that had attracted the fish. Lesley and I have made two new friends.

PS. Sam is 77 and his wife Paula is 66. They are sailing from LA to Sydney to meet some friends. Sam had joined the Catamaran to learn to snorkel. He later admitted this was a stupid idea since his right arm was paralysed and Paula was recovering from breast cancer. Whilst sailing on the Cat, Sam fell and became wedged in the cockpit. I helped him and advised that he sit quietly whilst he recovered from his ordeal.

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