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It is Christmas morning and we want to take a moment to "electronically" hug all of you and wish you a very merry Christmas day, as well as a happy New Year.

We are so thankful for having you as a part of our lives. May God bless each and every one of you.

It rained again during the night last night, and the temp this morning is 43 degrees. It is forecast to reach 64 degrees today. We are going to the home of some friends to share Christmas dinner. Jennifer called this morning on her way to work. Being a nurse means she has to work holidays, either the eve or the day of the holiday. She will call again on her way home. We miss her and Steve.

We also called family members last night, to share a holiday hug with those we love so much.

I have to share a little story with you. Yesterday we watched as a small trailer camper pulled into a parking spot behind us. An elderly couple got out in the rain and seemed to be having some problems with the trailer. Marilyn and I were dressed for church but I decided that I should see if they needed any help. When I approached, the old gentleman seemed relieved and asked if I could check if they were out of propane. Indeed, they were out. He said he couldn't get the bottles filled until Tuesday. I immediately told him that I have a really good electric heater that he is welcome to use. He smiled and said thank you, so I retreived it for him. We saw them after Mass and asked if they were able to get warm. He said yes, that the heater did a nice job. Later in the day he brought my heater back, saying that he had been able to purchase one for himself. All is ok now, and he will get more propane tomorrow.

Well, Marilyn is fixing her sweet and sour bean dish to take to our friends home today, and coffee is waiting for me. Merry Christmas everyone!!

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