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We are heading to Kahului on Maui today so that we get to see some of the other islands. The fares here range from $29 to $79 and for only $105 you can get a first class ticket...if you book early enough as there are only four.

We boarded without hassle and which was after going through a full check at customs. Once again they tried to tell us that it's random but please, who do they think they are kidding? Full swabs were taken of our possessions including our camera's.

Everyone was aboard and ready to roll but there was a hydraulic fluid leak so we all had to disembark and go across to another plane. The process was swift and very well taken care of. So we were off and going. The flight was only 20 minutes so how good is that?

Unfortunately for me, I started to feel off colour during the flight and it didn't get better. A headache quickly joined in. I was heading to Maui and I felt like shit. Great. Mum was fully intending to send me to bed when we got to the hotel as she wanted me to get over what I had before she had a chance to catch it. A Mum is always a Mum.

That's what happened to. After a quick taxi ride we got to the hotel which was on the beach but we had a room facing the road, so a bit noisy, I went promptly to sleep...fully clothed. I was really cold at first and there were no extra blankets so Mum put a towel on me as well. Then of course it changed later and I was bloody hot. Not a good night for me but by the morning I was much better. I quite frankly blame it on the Tropicana Orange Juice that I had drunk over the previous two days...that or the Chinese food we had. I'd rather blame the Tropicana. Give me Minute Maid if you must but I'm hanging out for Harvey Fresh.

Poor Mum was left to fend for herself and spent most of her time watching the tele. Not the best way to spend the first day but I made sure I apologised.

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