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Parking Spot at Bentsen Palm Village RV Park

Using the barrowed bicycle

Pond while out looking for birds during Bird Tour

Bentsen Palm Drive

Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort Enterence

Pelicans seen while bird watching

Monday, December 11, we headed for Mission, Texas. It is at the very tip of Texas and only a few miles from the Mexico boarder. The RV Park we headed for was a recommended and highly rated park. When I called them for reservations, they said there were openings through December but probably not after that. We decided to try it out anyway. After about a 3 and a half drive, we arrived at the Bentsen Palm Village RV Park early in the afternoon. What a beautiful park. Great landscaping and well manicured lawns. It is a relatively new park with small trees and Palm trees but nice spaces to park, all concrete parking pads and asphalt roads. They have 212 parking spots with full hook-ups and no charge for cable and WiFi. The rate is not more than any other park we have been at. There were several empty spots now, but they are completely booked for January. The latest we can be here is January the 3rd. We will have to find us a new RV park after that date. This park has the normal pool, hot tub and etc. but also has two laundry buildings, a large community building, craft and woodworking building. I visited the wood shop the first thing. It has the basic equipment and now I need to find a project to work on. They have many planned activities just like a retirement village. Here are some of the things I have participated in. Wednesday afternoon a produce vender comes into the park, Thursday morning is the bird watching group, Saturday evening is Bingo and Monday morning is horseshoes. In between those items I checked out a bicycle for 24 hours, at no charge, worked out at the exercise room and played some pool at the pool tables. We also checked out the town of Mission, found the UPS store to mail some Christmas packages to the girls and found the all-important store - the Wal-Mart stores. They have two of them at the opposite ends of Mission. We also spent 3 days searching for a different RV park to move to, when our time runs out here. We visited about 15 different RV parks. We found one, but more on that location, later. A little info about this area of Texas, they call the Rio Grande Valley. The Rio Grande River separates Texas from Mexico. The fields around this area are rich grounds for growing produce. You can see field after field of vegetables or orchards of citrus fruits. Most of the RV parks we looked at had orange trees growing around the parking pads, so you could pick an orange from the tree along side your RV. Also in this area there are hundreds of RV parks that stretch along 65 miles of Expressway 83 from Mission, Texas on the west to Brownsville, Texas, on the east. Brownsville is near the Gulf of Mexico and close to South Padre Island. There are several small towns between Mission and Brownsville, that run together and it is hard to tell which town you are in. The different thing about these RV parks here is that most of them have permanent mobile homes that seem to out number the number of travel trailers or motor homes that you see in most other RV parks around the country. There are many folks that have winter homes here and return every winter. As you drive around town you can see signs that say "Welcome Back Winter Texasans". So, I guess we are considered to be a Winter Texasan. The weather has been great. The highs have been 70-85 degrees with lows about 45-55. According to the local weather guys the high of 85 is about 12 degrees above the norm for this time of year. This makes it hard to think that it is the Christmas season. Many of the RVs around here have strung lights on their RV or set out decorations around their patios. Some of them go "all out" with the decorations. We hung some lights in the front window of our RV. This was a different Christmas this year. This was the first year we did not have the girls and family around on Christmas day. The girls mailed us some packages and we opened them Christmas morning during a phone call from the girls. We had Christmas Dinner at the RV Park Clubhouse. The RV Park provided the turkey, dressing and ham while the rest of us provided the rest of the meal by covered dish.

I received an e-mail asking, "YOU went bird watching? I did not know you were interested in bird watching?" Well, I was just trying something I have never done before. That is something you can do when retired, just try different things. I don't think bird watching will replace train watching, it was just an adventure.

New Years eve was pretty uneventful. The RV park had a party and dance, which we did not go to; even if home, we wouldn't have done much anyway. Carol and I did play a game of Monopoly, which I won. There were a lot of fireworks going off in the area, but not at the park. This area has a lot of permanent firework stands, which did not open until a few days before Christmas, but they must sell them a lot around here. We heard fireworks on Christmas eve also. Wednesday, January 3rd was moving day. As said earlier, this is a beautiful RV park and they are booked up during January and February, so we had to leave. We are heading to another RV park, which is about 8 miles north of here.

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