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I so wanted to leave

Leaving Porto Alegre

toilet on the bus.

grassy view from the toilet windowette


Cruising down between the coast and the Pampas

Humongous moth-sized insects splattered on the windshield - dunno if my camera...

All you have to know is that I got mugged by 2 piranha-looking men right after I got to my hotel after a 15-hour bus ride from Florianopolis (Yes, for you, the geographically-challenged folks, Brazil is just as big as USA although this map doesnt seem like so). Well, yeah, I was dumb enough to stray alone in the dark streets during the wee hours of the morning. I was damn hungry. All of a sudden, they just ran and dove for my pockets. I was left too speechless. They stole $35 Brazilian Reais (an equivalent of $15 US Dollars, no biggie, sigh) and ran away without harming me. Blah. But, I had coins left. I was too starved to be scared.. went to the nearest fruitstand and ate 2 succulent bananas. Omigod, sure were they good...fresh-picked from the Amazon, I bet. I dont think I can ever savour Dole/Chiquita bananas ever again, well, not like I ever did.

Not because of my recent stupid ordeal, I just decided to ditch Porto Alegre.. was supposed to stay there for a day or two. I realized I totally fancied for some serious sunbathing and beaching. Hopped on the Brazilian-Uruguay codeshared bus and cruised down the coast for Uruguay! The bus snaked through the Pampas - the ever famous great plains of Uruguay and Argentina. Now, you see why Argentina boasts of the best beef ever in the whole world. That is so true. The Argentine cows, rather than their bovine cousins, enjoy their luxurious lives feasting on the highly nutritious grass of the Pampas...who are, alas, later peacefully butchered to cater the demanding palates de los portenos (residents of Buenos Aires) and a lot of hungry tourists as well.

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