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Sun Rise

Dune 45. Gotta climb it if you want to see it

Dune 45 & I

Awaiting sun rise



Toilets everywhere out here


Chode at Dunes

Well had a complete shocker of a sleep last night. Think I managed about 3hrs. Seem to have this problem when I need to get up in the morning.

Packed the tent away and after the truck suffering a flat battery, only on Overland Club can you get a flat battery 1hr before you have to climb a sand dune for sunrise. Sort of misses the point really. Anyway Annabel jumped it off the 'house batteries' and we were rolling.

45mins later we arrived at 'Dune 45'. Out we jumped and headed for the summit. 15-20mins later Ed and I made it to the top. We passed people at various stages of exhaustion. Seriously people were on all fours coming down that had not made it. Some were pushing themselves to the point of a heart attack. Generally these were quite old folk that should know better. Sand is probably one of the hardest things to climb. Did contemplate lighting up a fag just to take the piss as I walked by.

Sarah B finally made it about 20mins after everyone else, but she managed it. Spent a little time at the top watching what was probably one of the most disappointing sunrises I have seen so far. Ed and I then decided to run down the dune. He had a wipeout halfway down and bust his glasses. Walked back, had breakfast then Rowena and I decided we wanted to run down a bigger side of the dune. Back up we went to half way and legged it down.

The dunes were spectacular and to understand the scale of them you need to go and see.

Back in the truck to camp, showered and left for another mammoth drive.

Decided to bush camp by a dam.

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