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Boot Key Harbour

Our corner of the harbour

The Admiral taking the dingy to shore

Eric Stone and his young sidekick Kyle

Manatee at the City Marina

Stopping in at the Overseas

Who has the sexiest legs in Marathon?

Biking to Radio Shack - 4 miles each way

Getting 20 gallons of water@ 5 cents/gallon to put in our tanks

The captain fixing the fan on our battery charger

We're playing the waiting game here in Marathon, waiting for a good weather window for our trip to the Bahamas. Every day we listen to the weather on the VHF radio and check it on the internet. When we see a good day 3 days out we will leave Marathon, allowing ourselves 2 days for the trip to Key Largo so we are ready to cross the Gulf Stream on Day 3. In the meantime we're taking care of any last business and picking up the last few things that we know we either cannot find in the Bahamas or that will be more expensive to buy there.

We dropped into the Overseas a couple of times, once for 25 cent wings on Friday night and then for the free buffet on Sunday. Ever week they put out an excellent spread and feed a crowd, totally free of charge, hard to believe but true. While there we met some other Canadians who were heading to Cuba the following day and they mentioned that they had been to another local hotspot called Burdines to see Eric Stone play. He is a well-known entertainer in the boater's circle who plays on the tv show Lattitutes and Attitudes and at cruiser's get togethers world wide. We took their advice and went to watch him the following night and were not disappointed, in fact we picked up 2 of his CD's at the show. The Captain groaned when I spied the Tropical Christmas one with songs such as Santa Claus has Dreadlocks and Grandma Got Run Over by a Redneck.

We made a trip by bus down to Big Pine Island to a flea market we discovered last year. The good news was the bus was free because of Christmas but the bad news was that it runs on Island Time and we waited an hour in the pouring rain past it's scheduled time on the way back. People don't complain about such things in the Keys, they just smile and climb on. Ah Island Time!

I have won the free lunch at the Overseas twice now for having the correct answer to the daily trivia question. The first one was Name the 5 young ladies who share the birthday of May 28th (I think), 1938 (I think). 5 gave it away so I guess the Dionne Quintuplets - had an advantage I guess being Canadian. The question this morning was what is referred to by a Californian Long White. The guesses before me included a great white shark, a joint, an onion (this answer was given a close), a carrot, a horseradish, a radish, garlic etc etc, anyways I answered a potato and won the free lunch! Cool!

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