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Welcome to the Yucatan

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crocheted chairs

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light show

The drive from Campeche to Uxmal was short and brought us from the state of Campeche to the state of Yucatan. Once again at this border we faced the dreaded agricultural inspection where the locals come on board and take away whatever they're worried about at the moment in terms of us bringing pestilence from one state to another. Our freezer is still quite full of meat we bought in Texas and we really would hate to lose it because we know it's wholesome - or think we do. During our crossing into Campeche state I described the maneuvers our Class A colleagues go through to hide their goodies from the ag inspector. As today's photos illustrate, we really don't have any worries. The inspector comes inside when our slide outs are in and most wonder how on earth these people live in this cramped up little space.

Most of us stopped at a half mile area of vendors and did a little shopping. The specialty here was the hand knotted hammocks. We bought a matriomonial one the last time we were here, which is meant to contain both of us at the same time. However, we have never found two trees close enough to each other that looked strong enough to handle our poundage in that hammock. The vendors also sold chairs with crocheted string seats that would be attractive on a patio. One of us bought some of the mysterious canned goods for sale to bring to a future social hour. Hope they taste it first or they could do in the entire group.

We've come far enough north that the satellite readio signal has returned and we feel a bit more connected with the world. So, we are once again well informed about the Anna Nicole Smith saga and the Academy Awards as well as a few other topics that actually matter.

We've come to Uxmal to see the ruins. The campground near here is closed so we find ourselves boondocked in a parking lot again. We have a nice view of the grass, but most of our neighbors are slide out to slide out. It certainly was convenient to go from our parking lot to the sound and light show. Many other spectators arrived in vans and buses and faced long rides back to their hotels. We wore head sets so we could understand the narration of the show in English, but it was rather extra terrestrial and I suspect that some of our earlier risers dozed off at times. The colored lights which changed at dramatic moments in the narration, revealed various portions of the complex and emphasized certain architectural details. These ruins looks far more sophisticated and extensive than the ones we've seen thus far. First thing in the morning we will tour them with a guide and learn more about Uxmal.

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