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An easy morning's drive on decent roads that did not charge tolls brought us from Isla Aguada to the outskirts of Campeche. The road followed the sea and as we came northeast the water got clearer and bluer and the sand more white and powdery. There was a neighborhood of lovely homes that would fit in just fine on the Florida or California coast. But closer examination showed that they were boondocked there just as we are when we overnight in a parking lot. Each home had its own generator and water has to be trucked in. We passed through attractive fishing villages that specialized in shrimp cocktails according to the signs. It would have been fun to stop, but 19 American RV's don't fit easily in a seaside village. We had intentions of driving part way back to visit them more thoroughly without the trailer behind us until we pulled in to the campground.

Mexicans visit this area in the summer to get relief from the heat of the interior. For them this time of year is much too cold to be on the water. For thick blooded North Americans 85ยบ sunshine and soft breezes are a welcome relief from cold and gray skies. The campground here is part of a huge facility that must be teeming with people in the summer. We are camped in spacious sites that boast water, electricity and sewers. Landscaping is small so we havea clear shot to that internet satellite in the sky. What more could an RVer ask for? To be totally truthful, our electricity is 135 - 140 volts when it should be around 120 as we have it home. We all turned on our air conditioners which brought the juice level down a little, but appliances with motors are going to find their hearts racing. With decent running water, we can finally start using our osmosis water purification system and stop buying bottled water, but the somewhat lower water pressure means that it will take quite a while to produce a morning's coffee worth.

More importantly the campground has a huge pool, six tennis courts, an indoor recreation facility with ping pong, fussball, etc. and a beautiful beach. The place is huge and we have it all to ourselves except for some workers painting and refurbishing. Our ambitious plans to head back on the road for those shrimp cocktails faded away. This was the first day we had a pool and it was warm enough to go swimming in it. A fellow camper took his snorkel and headed far out into the tranquil sea and brought back a variety of star fish.

On the caravan we get together every afternoon for social hour. People bring whatever they feel like drinking and contribute treats every so often. Our leader uses this time to prepare us for the upcoming events the next day and we chat and share the experiences of the day just ending. Today we met in the campground palapa, a thatched roof open air building overlooking the sea. We did not have to haul our folding chairs and bring tables. It was all there for us to use. After spending a few nights boondocked in parking lots, we feel like we have died and gone to heaven.

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