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All of the members of the RV caravan have finally arrived. Everyone has been to the border and obtained the decals and paperwork we will need to cross expeditiously tomorrow. At least that's the plan. We are camped right on top of one another, which is something we will have to get used to, since Mexican campgrounds are not geared up for the behemoths we drive. The largest 5th wheel trailer in the group is pulled by a truck so large it could also pull an 18 wheeler and the Mexicans consider it a commercial vehicle. It is possible that this could cause its owner and the rest of us a delay as we cross the final check point twenty miles inside the country.

After enjoying the final opportunity to use a laundromat for the next 44 days, we gathered for our briefing and get-to-know you session complete with margaritas and finger food. Most of our colleagues are a lot like us, well traveled both in and out of the country and long time campers. A few couples are relative newlyweds; one has been married a little more than a year. Most couples have brought pets. There are at least three cats along, so I can get in some kitty hugs when I'm missing our own too much.

As part of the briefing meeting the peso man came to exchange the money we will need to buy gas and pay tolls and anything else we want to buy. Gas stations and toll booths do not accept plastic, but many grocery stores and tourist shops do, so how much money we will really need is always a puzzle. We all gave the peso man small stacks of cash and left with giant ones, feeling much richer.

Our leaders have conducted this tour five times although not in the last few years and the tail gunners who will drive last in our procession developed the itinerary for this journey, so we feel like we're in good hands. They keep emphasizing that this is our trip and we are free to leave ahead of time or linger somewhere if there is something that catches our interest. However, from our past experience, even veteran travelers prefer the security of the group especially the first few days. If we felt more comfortable touring Mexico in our RV on our own, we would have done so. Also the opportunity to travel with like minded people is a real plus.

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