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This morning is overcast and cooler. Temp is 67 F. Marilyn is going to do laundry so I will take advantage of this relaxing time to fill you in on some of the RV info I haven't had time to provide. I know that some of the readers are interested in this life style so here is some trivia for you.

Gas mileage: We drove more than 1000 miles to get here and averaged 9.1 mpg. In Missouri, where we went through the ozarks, up and down the hills, we only got 8.5 mpg. The best we saw was on flat Texas 4 lane highway, where we were getting over 10 mpg for awhile, until we got to the Texas Hill country. That knocked us down a bit. The truck has only 3500 miles on it so it isn't broken in yet. We are still hoping that the mileage will increase. We also have a very heavily loaded trailer. We need to get rid of a bunch of stuff we don't need. We are so new at this, that we tried to prepare for everything and ended up hauling way too much "stuff".

The only trouble we have had is in hooking up and disconnecting from the 5th wheel. We struggle to get the latches to engage and then to disengage. Marilyn isn't strong enough to pull the release handle so I end up getting in and out of the truck numerous times. We finally asked a neighbor for help here in San Antonio. He said he has the same trouble sometimes with his. Maybe practice will make us better, but this adds to the apprehension of travel days. I am still not relaxed while pulling the trailer, constantly watching in the mirror and being alert for what the other traffic is doing.

It requires a lot of attention to always be prepared to brake early because it takes much longer to stop when pulling an 18,000 # trailer. It is worth all the effort once we pull into a campground and get set up though.

We are still becoming adjusted to living in a smaller space. Making the bed is more difficult due to restricted space, but we work together or just do it alone if the other person is busy. No big deal!

The Mobile Suites has a built-in laundry hamper, but it doesn't hold very much so we also have a hamper of our own which we store in the closet or in the shower when we travel. All in all, the truck and the trailer are both doing a super job for us. However,just like a stick built home, regular maintenance is a requirement.

The really good news is that the sense of freedom you feel in living this lifestyle is just wonderful. We do whatever we want to do every day. Another really great thing is the people you meet. Everyone is so friendly, nice and layed back, enjoying the same sense of freedom we feel.

Well, Marilyn is ready to go to the laundry mat here in the resort. It is also very nice with a library, tv room, internet connection, etc, for the people using it. Also, it is within walking distance so no driving is required.

I have been invited to play golf on Friday morning and on Friday evening we are going to the River Walk to see all of the lights and decorations. Long time friends and high school classmates are here so we are getting together. Can't wait to see what's around the bend.....

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