On another jaunt... travel blog

Looking bored girls

Fancy dress is out

Lou looking battered

Pikey going to bed early. Again......

Annabel before Roy!!!!



Nick Mick Dundees Sarah. Bit of concern!!!

Yep.....Pikey well up for it Sar

The 2 S's


Awoke from a very nice sleep to prepare breakfast at 6am. Had breakfast and drove another mammoth day.

Crossed the border into Malawi at lunch and headed for our campsite in Chitimba. Arrived at about 5pm to an amazing setting. The site was on Lake Malawi, apparently Lake Malawi covers 1/3 of Malawi, with beautiful beach and lake.

Put the tents up, cooked dinner and got pissed. The pissup was not really planned for as we had an 'African foul shit party' tomorrow. This involves going to the market and buying an outfit from all the clothes that the western world gives to Africa. Has to be bad taste though.

We had dinner and went to the bar. Had a few drinks then the owners decided that we were not drinking enough, it was quite flat at that point, so they bought us all a beer each and we had to drink it to Roxanne. Everytime the song went 'Roxanne' the guys had to drink and when the song went 'put out the red light' the girls had to drink. Your drink had to be finished by the end of the song. Pretty easy really but got everyone going. After this the fancy dress came out from behind the bar. Most had a costume, I ended up with a mini skirt and matching top with a thing that looked like a swimming hat on my head. The rest were dressed in similar vulgar fashion. Ed was looking great in his 'Fame' wear.

That really kicked it off and I got wrecked. Managed to get to bed at 4am after skinny dipping. Sorry Mum. Don't know what happened and the wrong son got his nuts out that night.

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