New Zealand 2006 travel blog

Orchids at The Sleeping Giants near Nadi

Our Buree, 1 of just 7 in the entire Botaira Resort at...

Inside our Buree with a partion screening off the 'ensuite'

View of the sea o/s outsdie Buree. Coral showing through the crystal...

Oh dear, one bent tree, forgot to apply the brakes


Visited village on other side of the island - wash day blues

Gail caught short - quick trip to the local long drop!

Local C of E Church in village

Village church was decorated with local timber panelling and roof decorations

Life size wooden figures, locally made, mounted flat up on the church...

Village school rules!

Botaira resort grow their own pineapples

View of adjacent islands from top of hill behind our resort

View of bay at resort. Resort can just be seen in centre...


Sunset over the bay

Gail and some of the local kids

Another sunset

Hi everybody....we''re back in circulation again, having spent the last week on the remote Fijian island of Naviti in the Yasawa Group of islands. Beautiful, wonderful, great, quiet, peacefull,, sunny , hot, even why the heck are we now at Fiji airport writing to you all whilst waiting to board our plane home?

The answer is we miss the cold and wet of England!

Or resort was called Botaira. Just 7 bures on the beach, surounded by coconuut palms, golden sands, cryssttal clear bblue sea which was just 10m from our bure. The sea was full of coral so we snockeled straight off the beach to see the fantastically colourful tropical fish. Guess whos going to convert their fish tank at home to a salt wwater tropical tank?

The burees were built to traddional Fijian design. No nails witth all timbers srappped togetther, with a thatched roof included an 'ensuite' Fijian style with hot water......occassionally! Basic, but very comfortable.

The people hhere are so friendly and helpful. Our resort - if you cn call such a little place a resort was run by a local Fijian family with staff coming in from a village on the other side of the island, just 45mminutes away but over a very step and hih bush covered hill. HHowever they , the villagers, just loved the work and contact with us.....its was great to see them so happy. At times there were more staff than clients.

Food and drink was all, well mostly, local Fijian and often locally grown or caught in the sea. Last night we had local lobster.....really superb.

Wentt kayaking most days wwhen it wasn't too hot.

Have some fantastic pphotos of here, which we'll upload either in LA wen we chnge planes or wheen we arrive home.

All in all a wonderful place that we would certainly recommend to you all. We certainly want to go back sometime....wer'e smitten.

Well had better go now as fight home is not far away.

What a wonderful tripp we're enjoyed. We've been very lucky and privaliged to have been able to travel as we have, its been great.

Appols fr awlful typing aand spelling mistakes , this keboard is hopeless....its noot me......promise!

A very happy chrisstmas to you all as we may not have a chance to speak to you all personnally before the 25th.

PS EXTRA ADDED since returning home - the resort consisted of just 7 thatched bures fronting onto the beach, 2 further back from the beach, a reception come bar area and a kitchen plus outdoor only eating area overlooking the beach and sea. There was also one single building for the staff. AND that was it. No shops, no ice cream, no amusement arcades, no resturants, no commercialision what so ever. The nearest community was the village mentioned earlier, over the hill.

You may be interested to know that cooking was by bottled gas, brought in by boat, a generator supplied 'some' electricity...a few lights here and there. Water, not sure where this came from, but know they collected some in tanks somehow but the main supply of drinking water...not sure. We did have hot water in the burees occassionally, when a small gas heater worked, which certainly wasn't every day.

We were surrounded by palms trees, pineapple and bananas were being grown and many many plants such as hibiscus and frangipani which smelled absolutely gorgeous.

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