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Elvis on Candy Cane Lane, Pacific Grove

Unbelievable day at Point Lobos

The good-looking Glenns, accompanied by unknown friend

Dennis, Sallye and the master

Having been born (and sometimes having lived) in Carmel, I know a good deal about this magical area. Still, there's a good deal I've never seen; for instance, I never knew that Deliverance was filmed at the Carmel by the River RV Park. Of course nobody will admit that this is the case but the place certainly has the down-in-the-holler look of the movie, complete with grizzled red-necks, apparent genetic mutants, odd dogs and strange music. And gosh knows what they think of us, although I have to admit we've taken to coming and going before light and after dark just to make sure we don't find out.

Fortunately this doesn't take away from the all-paths-are-one spiritual side of Carmel. I was recently listening to Dire Straights' "Heavy Heavy Fuel" while looking at the Carmel Basilica and both experiences seemed right as rain, smiling gently at each other, a few feet apart but together in the cool mist. Similarly, we dog-walked Carmel Beach with buddhist monk Dennis and extraordinary teacher Sallye Foster

, gawked at Point Lobos, cormorants and pelicans

with old friends ex-corporate-exec Jack and world-class architectual designer Diana Reynolds, ate at Fandango's with software magnates Mike and Mo Glenn

, and will soon hang with local long-termers (and beloved cousins) Bruce and Diane Hanger and with old high-school buddies and big-time real-estate developers Bruce and Denise Pierson...and all these different experiences are good, and everybody so far seems happy and fulfilled, except for Dennis, who instead has settled for being enlightened, in a manic kind of way.

With all these different energies co-existing, one begins accepting that anything could be true, or perhaps that everything could be true at the same time, and so it doesn't surprise me that Elvis has been in my mind, and it didn't particularly surprise me, either, that he showed up, even if it was only on PG's famous Candy Cane Lane.

We had previously been shopping at Monterey Cannery Row's factory outlets and had walked through the only black-light 18-hole indoor miniature golf course I've ever seen in a factory outlet and I expected him there, least captured in 3D Velvet painting...and maybe it's true that what you think about comes to you, eh?

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