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Me and My buddy Marni. They are heading to Mazatlan

Kiki and Jay. Jay cooked an awesome dinner

Jay, me, Marni, Peter, and John

While in Mag Bay we ran into Bob Bitchin and his boat "Lost Soul." Captain Woody came by and got a quart of tranny fluid, and gave us a Lattitudes and Attitudes magazine. Seems they're having trouble as they head south. John on U-Fin caught a Dorado, so we all went to Kiki and Craig's boat for dinner. Jay and Lacey on Carise Silla came too. he's a professional Chef and volunteered to cook. Dang, did we ever eat well. An awesome time ws had by all. Such a great group of people!! We'll miss them all as we start to go our seperate ways. After several days of trying we were finally able to get fuel and head to Cabo. Life is so good!

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