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Honkeo and Panya

Jaquesy bon bon with the all important beer delivery

Muddy (Mark McWaters) and I in the Big Green Jolly Machine

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh the beer truck is here !

Grounded on location, remote site

As i write this it's the 14th of December, 3 weeks into the trip, 2 Ash's tests up, 1 less Damien Martyn and the Perth test to get underway in a few hours. Ok i will make my prediction now and promise not to edit it later........... A Draw.... Not a Madras 1986 draw but a boring old nobody collect draw.

Well the trip into work was quite an experience. Apparently our little plane was due a 2000 hour service (which is a good thing), so we got to ride in a big F**K off helicopter.......

It really was a cool trip, it lasted two and a half hours and was extremley scenic. Looking out the window was just endless green jungle with the occasional small village and herds of buffalo etc. Also flying in between huge limstone karsts was awsum.

The Lao President visted our site some months earlier in the same chopper, so we wern't too worried about it's "stay in the air abilitys".

And yes there were a few " YOU WERNT THERE MAN " comments flying about RE: Vietam war

A week to go and then back to Perth for Chrissy, can't wait. Looking forward to coming back for some warm weather too!

And yes the beer truck came with all the goodies on board, all anybody drinks here is beer Lao, it's about 70c for a king brown, and after two of them everybodys wearing beer googles and admiring the sky....

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