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This is our next main stop for 2 weeks, we made it safely with only a couple bad direction choices but nothing major. I am writing this from our next place on the list 1 week after we left so i can tell you the good and the bad.

The good thing is that the state of Yucatan is very interesting and has many sites to see. We only did a visit to 2 of the many ruins in the area as we were getting ruined out by then. We went for some of the underground caves and the underground cenotes as well as Merida and many afternoon visists to Progresso. We actually spent some time in the little villages, learned how "not" to do laundy, read some boks and Tuxedo was most delighted with the pool in the back yard. (not sure the caretaker shared in his glory but a fairly good time was had by all)

We rented this house off the internet and the pictures were pretty much what it was like. Minus the hot water, linens, toilet paper, bath towels, kitchen utensils, t.v. and just about anything that would make ones stay comfortable. The weather was not good and it rained 90% of the time. We spent the majority of our time out but it does get dark at 6pm so i actually read a book? I usually can't sit still long enough to read a book and always resort to magazines with pictures. By the end of our stay i had 2 books under my belt and 7 days sober. Sunday in Merida broke my clean streek. They really know how to celebrate Sundays!!

We spent 1 whole day doing laundry (that deserves an entry all of it's own) many days on the road (another entry) a couple sick days with debilitating asthma as our house was 20 feet from the ocean and the humidity almost killed me. The pharmasist gave me 2 wild puffers i have never used back home and i was good to go. I am sure the Marlboro's at 2 paks a day weren't helping my situation much either.

Apparantly the Gulf coast experiences these "Notre winds" they are extremly strong and cold. They blame it on the weather from Canada. LOl. So what you got the week before we got the next. See guys back home, what goes around comes around. Those darn Canadians!!!!! Although we never had snow drifts we did have to shovel the sand from our front door. Tuxedo loved the pool and we only spent a couple days in it that were nice, the rest of the time it was full of sand blowing in from the beach but that didn't stop the dog, he was in heaven. Doggy heavan that is. Lost of stray dogs hanging around but Tux gave them a a few big woofs and they went running with their tails between their legs. We had to keep him on a leash the whole time even though we were on 2 acres, the stray dogs run rampid and a lot of them actually belong to people but dogs just aren't a priority pet here. Roosters on the other hand appear to be treated very well?

Puerto Telchac itself is a very grubby little dirty town. Nobody really seems to be doing much here, although the whole place could use a cleaning. Everbody seems to be in a hurry to get nowhere to do nothing. It is virtually a ghost town after 6 pm other than people sitting around. The beaches are extremly dirty but apparantly alot of it can be blamed on the winds. One older lady we met on the beach was hopeful that the new government had promised to clean up the area but one would think the people themselves would take some initiative, considering they all have nothing else to do. They still have not recouped from hurrican Isidore in 2002 and many of the beach homes remain rubble on the beach. It was sad to see a town in such devistation some 5 years later. Just the garbage laying around was devastation enough for me. Although i never saw 1 single garbage can too speak of.

Not all places we visited were like this so i am not sure as to wether it was more of a lack of goverment funding thing or just a cultural thing?

In the end we had great time exploring the Yucatan. Their are many things to do to do and see. A ton of ruins that we never explored and territory that i am sure we never covered. We had a wonderful caretaker (Don Goyo) and his wife Alma whom we hired to cook for us a couple times a week. They have 4 girls and the youngers always came with their dad when he came to fill the water and clean the windows. We even had a young man (Davd) come to try and teach us spanish but during his first visit i found the blender and we drank margaritas all afternoon so spanish was like greek. LOL. We invited him to come on some of our sighteeing as he could interpert for us but most of all i saw that he enjoyed the trips and learnedjust as much as we did. He was great at getting good directions from the people along the way.

It was during this stay that i first had to use my "phone a friend card" as nobody we encountered spoke english and i think i was getting lonely for some one to talk to other than Roger. God bless my good friend Zoe backhome and all the tourists off the cruiseships on Tuesdays and thursdays in Progresso. Oh and my computer friend Daryl back home when i called him cause i couldn't connect to the internet one night. (she snaps, she loses it) he was a big help. And he got to partake in the Virgin of Guadeloupe over the phone. How neat is that. The runners were all comming in to town just as we were on the phone. This has been an experience we will never forget, i'm sure of that.

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