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Valladolid is a charming colonial city with a rich history, strong Mayan presence and it's peaceful and majestic. It was founded on May 28th 1543 by Francisco de Montejo.

We stopped here to have lunch at " The Maria Lux" We had a delicious lunch with excellent service and then took Tuxedo for a stroll around centro Park. Tuxedo draws huge crowds and all the school kids love to pet him, with the exception of several screaming girls, he loves the attention. I had forgotten to take some small change to buy chiclets from the kids and one young fellow was very pursistant as he followed me all around and back to our vehicle were i had money. i told him this in english but never thought he actually understood. Guess i was wrong! He was more than happy to have his picture taken for an extra cost but he was sweet and it was well woth it. Tuxedo loved him.

We had several small mishaps after leaving here, mostly while driving into small villages. We wonder who is in charge of their road planning and transportation department? Obviously someone who doesn't drive as it seems like you go in on a road that goes both ways but unbeknown to us it quickly changes to a one way and you guessed it!! not the way we are going. Took us a few small towns, yelling (in spanish of course), whistling and pointing in the other direction to figure out we were going the wrong way. A very nice gentlemen actually waited for us ahead and lead us to the other oneway street. We watch now for the tiny sign behind the trees that has a slash through it indicating you cannot go that way. It happens in every place and then you go over one block and your going the right way. Who would have figured? Asking directions is also not a reality as you get them in spanish and most of these people haven't even been out of the village or at least not far so it's like you then have to decide whether you think that person really knows or will we end up in china. This also took us a few small towns and villages to figure out but the people have all been very kind and we appreciated every bit of direction even if it was in the wrong direction. We have come to call this our "ask the audience card", then we decide if we will take their advise or go it on our own.

Road signs in Mexico are also very scary, they either don't exist or it's merely a suggestion that you actually follow them or abid by them. Signs to the next town may look like you could go either left or right. We call this our "50/50 card" use our map and start eliminating directions. doesn't always work but it seems to pass the hours. Thats when the dog hides in his kennel till the air calms or the next sign.

Speed limit signs are truly a waste of time here, well maybe not for us but for everyone else and if you don't have a horn you are really missing out on the Mexican dream. Roger is getting really good on the horn, hogging the road and butting in. I on the other hand have managed to acquire and perfect several different high pitched screams. all of witch my dog and Roger hate.

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