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Ah, back to the sea. Although I'm not particularly an ocean going kind of guy, I think I might have been a little hasty when I made that list a few weeks back of "places I could live other than Vancouver". I might have to go back and modify it to include only places by the sea, because you see (ha,ha), there's nothing like the sound of rolling waves, the smell of the salt air, and a gentle breeze against the curtains to rock you to sleep.

At the end of an agonizingly long series of hair pinned turns is Cadaques, on the northern coast of Catalonia. This is fish country, but more interesting to me is that it is also Dali country. All things Dali can be found in the area including a number of museums, streets named after him, special croissants, trinkets and toys, and a good number of statues commemorating Cadaques' favourite home town boy. Dali's art, while not being to everyone's taste, is certainly unique, and there have not been many like him before or after; combining a strangeness of personality with melting subject matter in every one of his paintings. The earlier stuff is not so "drippy", but all in all, I would agree if you said that he is not the most accessible artist in the world. But hey, art is art, and who knows what art is, right?

We spent the day walking along the sea, zig zagging in and amongst all the tiny fishing boats drinking coffee and having the odd snack here and there. We walked to another bay where Dali's house was (now converted into a museum) which is set on a perfectly calm and protected fishing bay. Perfect fodder for the artistic mind I thought. The other thing that is really fun is the change of language. We were getting used to understanding everything and being completely fluent in all situations in France, and now we are re-establishing our "weakness" by having to work at it again. Although, I think Spanish is going to be fun, and we'll need a lot of it in South America too, so it should be a good time. I just have to be careful not to mix up my Italian with my Spanish, because they are not all that fond of Italian around here. Toughest might be trying to say Barcelona with that lisp. B-A-R-T-H-E-L-O-N-A-T-H. We'll get the hang of it...

Mostly, the place is just relaxing, the calm before the storm of Barcelona if you will. But even now in December, the place is fairly touristed, but mostly by Spanish people it seems, which is great, because it is not that crowded. Tonight, the plan calls for nothing, and we're just going to kick back and sit on the deck and maybe get some postage stuff out of the way - Tomorrow BARTHELONATH!!!! (I can see you're not laughing as hard as I am you know... this is a two way screen...)

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