New Zealand 2006 travel blog

Hi everyone..... we are now on the east side of South Island having travelled here via an area known as the Catlins. Quite different scenery here, but plenty to see. Grey Fur seals, Blue and Yellow Eyed Penguins, Petrified forest on the beach (buried by many volcanic eruptions millions of years ago.

Arrived in Dunedin midday on Sunday 3rd to join the Teraki Gorge railway for a wonderful trip out into the hills through spectacular countryside. The railway took some 10years to buid due to such difficult terrain. Many tunnels - I lost cost - and plenty of bridges and most of the track somwhow perched on the side of the hillside. Just great aferternoon out.

Dunedin is the worlds 4th largest city, by land area - but of course not population as this is a mere 130,000. It has a wonderful sandy beach which we wlked along , really in curiocity to see what the were building at one tuned out to be a brand new pier!

From Dunedin we travelled north east towards Mount Cook, but first we stopped at the Round Boulders on the beach at Moraki. No one really knows where or how they came into this worl, but some of them are a metre or some in diameter, some are now breaken open , presumably by the sea, and were found to be quite hollow inside. Really strange.

On towards mount Cook the skies cleared for the afternoon and we were treated to wonderful scenery with the mountains in the bakground ome 40 - 50 miles away. Really special. More to follow

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