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Courthouse in Lapeer

We next went to Lapeer, Michigan to a little city park called the Water Tower Trailer Park. It was actually quite nice because there are great nature trails all around a wetlands close to the park.

We also saw this great building downtown which is the oldest city hall being used in the state. The date says 1845, but it was built in 1839.

The whole town in very charming and we will probably return sometime in the future.

While there we saw the movie "Prairie Home Companion" at a little movie theatre downtown. The story behind that is while we were touring the downtown area, we saw a marquee with "Prairie Home Companion" and the next day's date. We immediately thought that Garrison Keillor had brought the radio show to Lapeer and got quite excited. Only after we inquired about tickets and were told they were $4 and first come, first serve, did we realize that it was not the radio show, but the movie about the radio show. We liked the movie anyway.

Our neighbors at Water Tower said something about our going to Stratford in Ontario which we had not even considered, so we got on the maps and the computer and decided "Why Not?" It is sooooo cool to be flexible!

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