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Tibetan Yak

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Fresh goat

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Drive to Nepalese border

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Funny sign at Nepalese border

Last stop in Tibet

Sounds good

Staddling the line between Nepal and Tibet

Old Tingrie...or old Grungie might be a better name for the village. This small, remote town is not only rough around the edges, but rough through and through. Lonely Planet was way off the mark on their hotel recommendation. An absolute dump. We had to settle for an almost-absolute dump instead. We were fortunate enough to be joined for dinner by Chrissy (Ireland) and Chris (Australia), a couple we had met along our travels. After a dinner and a beer, we headed tentatively to our quasi-beds.

At 8am, we began our trek to the Nepalese border. The views were spectacular with the Himalayas spread out in front of you. We reached the Chinese border town, Zhangu at 1:30pmish, bid Dawa adieu, dashed past money changing touts, scooted through customs and back on a mini-taxi for 8km to enter Nepal. It was a narrow, bumpy road, so much so that at one point, Lahavitte wanted the driver to let her out of the car for fear we'd drop off the cliff. It was nice to be back "in the green"...Nepal looking like the evergreen forests of the Northwest as opposed to Tibet's desert wilderness. Alas, we made it safe and sound...crossing a bridge full of people trying to enter Nepal and being pushed back by the Nepalese police. We waited a short while for our visa and packed on the local bus to Kathmandu...another 5 hours. Once we hit the outskirts of Kathmandu, the traffic came pretty much to a stand still and creeped along at a snail's pace. Eventually we were dropped off near the tourist area of Kathmandu known as Thamel. Weary and with backpacks in tow, we hunted for guest houses until we settled upon the Peace Himalayan Guest House, set a bit off one of the main roads...jumped in the shower and fell asleep watching cheeky Bollywood movies.

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