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Thai temple

Another Thai temple, this one on the river bank

Hitting the town on 'Lady Boy' night

Some of the sights on our street

Craig and Sophie on the river boat

Jim Thompson's house

The three of us outside Jim's crib

So the two of us now becomes three! Sophie has arrived safe and well and will be with us until the 11th of December. We were based in a really nice hostel in Bangkok. The three of us were in a family room, lucky Sophie gets to share a bed with me, while Craig gets his own wee single.

On our first day all together in Bangkok, we decided to do the Lonely Planet walking tour. These are often a good way of getting your bearings around a new city, and you can obviously go at your own pace too. This one was a tough one though, all round the Royal Palaces and a few temples thrown in too. All in the baking heat and all located on the other side of Bangkok. So, before we could even make a start on it, we had an epic journey to get there. We took the skytrain to Chinatown, then had to trail through it to get to the river. It is worth knowing that in Bangkok, pavements are also restaurants or shops and are therefore very difficult to get along!

When we got to the river, we got a river-boat to the start of the walk. By this time, we were already pretty weary and Sophie was running dangerously low on sugar.

Sophie fact: Sophie is not diabetic but she runs on a very simple system. If she doesn't eat very regularly, she runs out of energy and feels quite faint. If she gets like this, you can't get much action out of her until she has had a snack. You have to be prepared for such an event. I am considering carrying a couple of mini mars bars on me, in case of emergencies!

One of our first stops was the Temple of the Green Budda. For going into the compound, which also held the Royal Palaces, we were not properly attired. We had to borrow some lovely clothes from them. Sophie and I got a lovely man's shirt each and Craig had a nice pair of baggy nylon trousers. We would have felt a lot more stupid but lots of people had to wear it.

After the temples we got a bit lost, thanks to my not-so-great map reading skills. found our way back onto the right path but by this time our enthusiasm for the walking tour was practically nil. Luckily, our next point of interest on the tour was the "Wat Po Thai massage school". We managed to drag ourselves up the alley and into the school. It was straight into some comfy chairs and we all got a reflexology foot massage. The thing about reflexology is that it can be a wee bit sore as they get your pressure points with a wooden stick. I had more of a problem with giggling as I have very tickly feet! Craig thinks that Sophie's masseuse was in fact a masseur, this is hotly denied by Sophie but at the end of the massage, she did have some bruising to the foot.......

Craig here now, after our massage the walking tour was prematurely ended and we headed back to the hostel and the promise of air-conditioning. On day two, we decided to go for a wander around Jim Thompson's house. He was an American who was a silk exporter and loved Thai architecture so had a number of houses from around the country dismantled and rebuilt in Bangkok. He went missing without a trace in the '60s so that adds a touch of mystery to the tale. Anyway, his house is very nice and we went on a guided tour around it and got to see some Thai art and antiques. In the evening we decided that we would like to experience another side of Thailand's fabulous culture - Lady Boys of Bangkok! We bought tickets to "Mambo Cabaret" and after a few cheeky cocktails in an American themed bar we aprehensively took our seats. The boys in the show are real boys and the girls are well... boys too but they like to be girls. They performed some Western music (we particularly enjoyed Gwen Steffani) but they also sang Thai, Chinese and Japanese songs too. We really enjoyed it, it was all good fun.

Bankok is big, busy, loud and pretty smelly but we enjoyed our two days here but are really looking forward to going down to the islands and working on those tans (Soph has a long way to go to catch up with us!).

Love Craig , Katie and Sophie xxx

p.s. thanks from Katie for all the Happy Birthday messages!

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