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On the "road" to Jericocoara.

Our dune bus arrives in Jeri.

And the sun sets on my first night in Jeri.

Brazil is definitely Bojon.

Yesterday, just in time for a spectacular sunset, I arrived in Jeri via an adventurous ride along the beach and through the drifting sands in an open air 'bus'. I quickly found a terrific little pousada and settled in for what is the final leg of my Brazilian Beach Tour. Though I stayed in last night to catch up on some sleep, I suspect the rest of my stay will continue in the wild vein of the past month. T'mrw I have booked a buggy ride through the dunes, and may also try my hand at windsurfing (this place seems to be a mecca for that sport). Cut and pasted below is the tourism bureau's spin on Jeri...

Jericoacoara is a beach located in the northeast of Brazil, close to the equator, in the state of Ceará. It was, till about 15 years ago, an isolated fishing village, without any contact with modern civilization. There were no roads, no electricity, no phones, no TV's, no newspapers, and money was something almost useless, since deals were based on trading fish for goods. In 1984 the place was declared an "Environment Protection Area" by federal law. Although tourism has reached the place, because of it's extraordinary beauty, it still keeps the unhurried and peaceful way of life. Because of the EPA law, it is forbidden to hunt, pollute, make roads, and buildings are limited to the village area (the EPA has 200 sq. km, and the village is 1 sq. km big) and have to follow the same architectural style. Lodging facilities had their construction forbidden in 1992, in order to limit the quantity of tourists in the place. The last 15 km on the way to Jericoacoara is soft sand, so you need a 4WD vehicle to get there. Until the beginning of 1998, electricity was supplied by diesel generators. Today, there is an underground power supply, only for the houses. Street illumination still comes from the moon and the stars. In 1994, the North-American newspaper "Washington Post Magazine" chose Jericoacoara as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches of the world, in a special holiday issue.

But what makes the place so special? Jericoacoara has more then one reason to be considered a paradise. The place is a set of several different sceneries, altogether in a very beautiful and harmonic combination. And not only to be seen, but to be felt. The intense contact with nature, and the sensation of freedom that the place transmits, where every place is so wide, and no kind of behavior is restricted, will mark Jericoacoara forever in your memories. What is there to see and do in Jericoacoara? There are several activities for the visitor in Jericoacoara, to satisfy every taste. From calm hikes and horseback rides to radical sports, such as windsurf or sandboard.

More to come as its experienced...

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