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Sos climbs the Gloucestor Tree - 61m high and VERY scary

Greens Pool

Mia at Elephant Rocks

KM 34300

day: 241


Denmark is in a beautiful area continuing the theme of cottage industries, wineries and galleries. Our first morning we head to Elephant rocks, a cosy and narrow little beach which has striking granite boulders and beautifully coloured protected waters. It is very easy on the eye. Just around the corner is Greens pool, which sits at the end of a long beach, and is also protected on the ocean side by big granite boulders. We meet up with the Mount family plus another family from Kiama (on the NSW south coast). It is an absolutely glorious day, and perfect for swimming and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters. It's great to get the goggles back on which have been gathering dust since Ningaloo. Between the families there are about a dozen kids, so we have a great day playing games on the beach. We grab a late lunch in Denmark and put a couple of loads of washing through, before heading off to the tall trees walk, about 30km west of Denmark.

The tall trees walk takes you up a ramp and onto a series of connecting spans allowing you to walk amongst the tree tops, about 40m off the ground. The spans which are suspended between support pillars are quite long and sway with the motion of walking. It's a long way up and given you can see through the grid floorings, it makes for a few heart in mouth moments. The look of fear on Jo's face as she battled her fear of heights was only outstripped by her look of death at Stu when she realized he was filming her! Gold.

Our next day in the region has us ducking off to the meadery (all things honey based), where we sample the various honey ice creams and grab a fresh jar of honey. A bush maze is the next stop where the kids expend some energy in a game of chasey. We end up at Puzzle world, where a local business stocks a myriad of puzzles to taunt you. After about an hour there we leave frustrated and broke, having solved barely any puzzles on offer and forking out a heap of cash for new puzzles with which to frustrate others on our return to civilization!

We really enjoy our campfires & stay at Parry's beach, and it makes a big difference when the kids have other friends to play with. The reduction in whining and moaning is astounding!

After three nights we pack up & head off towards Albany, but first stopping off at Madfish Bay and Waterfall beach (yes a waterfall does flow onto the beach!). Madfish (the winery is named after this bay) is something special. At low tide you can walk across to a little island, with the sea approaching you from both left and right. Again, the colours are outstanding. We hope the photos can do it some justice.

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