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What a day this was! Temps of 68 F, even warmer in the sunshine. Gentle breeze. Fantastic!

Yesterday, Thanksgiving day, was also a wonderful day. We hope each of you had a great holiday filled with love, laughter, and the warmth of loving family and friends. That was the way our day went. Jennifer was put "On Call" rather than working for 12 hours, so that was a blessing. We shared the day with Jennifer, Steve, Al & Gloria, at their home on the farm. What a dinner!! We did the normal thing, ate until we were stuffed!

Marilyn and I finally got home about 9:45 PM. We watched "Shark" on TV and then went to bed. We didn't get up this morning until 8:00 o'clock. I seldom slept that late, even when I worked until 2:30 AM. I am learning to relax. :)

It was such a wonderful day today that I went outside and washed & waxed the truck. Jim, who owns the Mark Twain cave complex, came by and we visited for about an hour, sitting on the picnic table. I mostly listened as he related the history of this area. Very interesting. Too much to relate in this journal, but I learned a lot from him. Jim is a retired doctor, and his family has owned this land for 5 generations. His grandfather left a diary. He was a friend to Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain). One entry he shared with me said: "Sam was back for a visit. Stayed 3 days. We had a wonderful time until he left to go back to Connecticut."

My ancestors came up the river from St Louis in the 1840's, disembarked at Hannibal and traveled the old country road to Palmyra, MO. so I also have some family history here.

Well, the wedding is only 1 week away. Sure is getting close. It will be so nice to see old friends from near and far. The kids are excited. Jennifer has begun decorating the house she and Steve will live in. It now has some of that "woman's touch" that us guys just don't seem able to put into a home.

Well, it is time to go. Let's see what is next.....

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