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The second largest wine barrel in Argentina. Apparently.

Main plaza in San Antonio de Areco

National flag monument in Rosario

Having a beer at the Rio Parana beach

El Rio Parana

River fish feast

After a couple days in BA we decided to head out of town. We first went up to San Antonio de Areco which is about 2 hours north of the city. It's a tiny town (maybe 15x15 blocks and 20,000 people) known for it's historical gaucho (cowboy) culture and fine silver and leather craftsmen. It's a totally peaceful and picturesque little town and we had a really nice couple of relaxing days browsing the shops and craftsmen workshops, picknicking by the river, hanging out in the central plaza and of course sampling the local fare. More beautiful steaks and fresh pastas.

From there we went up to Rosario, another largish city (smaller than BA but still about 1M people) which is right on the banks of the huge Rio Parana. Just outside of town there is a huge stretch of beaches on the river lined with bars and cafes. We spent a couple hours there watching the wind and kitesurfers while having a couple beers. Unfortunately it was a bit rainy that afternoon, but with the bars sitting right on the sand, you could see that this area goes off on a hot summer weekend.

We also decided to give our hearts a break from the red meat for a night and have a taste of some of the river fish that is a regional specialty. We had two very different kinds - pacú and dorrado (thank you Kean for the tip on the pacú!). In keeping with what we've learned is typical Argentinian portions we received absolutely enormous plates - both grilled with the heads still on the fish so we could inspect their rather large and sharp teeth. Both of these fish are cousins of the piranha and eat other fish.

Both dishes were fantastic and both of us were absolutely stuffed. The pacú was particularly rich and filling - they call it 'the suckling pig of the river' and that's pretty apt. It was about as greasy as a pile of bacon and the skin got just as crispy on the grill. Our kinda fish! So much for trying to be healthy for a night!

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