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We have made it to Escarcega, Campeche but over drove our original destination for the night, which was Villahermosa. There was a bad accident and we were stuck on the hiway for 2 hours so we had to drive 2 hours in the dark to next place that had a small hotel. It's very scary driving at night and even scarrier staying in the place we did. We left Veracruze at 8 am and drove for 12 hours minus the 2 we sat on the hiway.

Roger actually got out and mingled with the others on the road ( somewhat anyways with little spanish it's more like playing cherades) He looked cute though, barking and putting his fingers up on his head to indicate the dog ears. We now know how to say dog in spanish!!! i'm sure they thought he was nuts but they loved the dog when they actually saw him.

November 20th is a holiday in mexico, i think it's like our July 1st. Big festivals and parades and extra traffic. Geesh!! I am leaving all the driving to Roger as i am a nervous wreck just sitting watching. No internet here but they do have a burger king!! I am actually posting this a few days later from an internet cafe that serves beer. Life is good again. No pictures of this place as we were out of there at 5 am. On to Playa del carmen.

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