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Kevin with our RV Driving School instructor, Jerry Ray

Between Yuma and Phoenix

We just finished our two day RV driving school in Yuma, Arizona. We both considered it money well spent. Kevin feels more comfortable with turning and backing up; while I am just excited I finally got to do some driving. Our instructor, Jerry, in addition to doing a great job teaching us driving skills, also gave us some really helpful maintenance tips. After two days I am very comfortable driving, and Kevin and I agreed that I'll do part of each day's driving from now on, so I can keep practicing. In fact I drove part of the way back from Yuma to Goodyear today.

While we were in Yuma we had dinner at Chretin's Mexican Food. If that name sounds vaguely familiar to some of you, but you can't quite put your finger on why, it would be this: Vivian's Vineyards in St. Charles, MO, advertises their margarita as the "second best" in the world. When asked where the best would be, the former proprietor, Bob Swinford (as well as the current proprietor, Jim Ogden), would always respond "Chretin's Mexican Food in Yuma, Arizona". Naturally we couldn't pass up the opportunity to judge their margaritas for ourselves. It was a split decision; Kevin thought Chretin's was better, while I found the Vivian's margarita to be superior. I think my margarita palate is just more evolved than his, sort of like his wine palate compared to mine. Of course we weren't drinking them side-by-side, so we were going from memory. Hopefully when we get over to Bob and Karyn's tonight, they will have received their sweet & sour mix in from St. Louis, so we'll be able to better make a final determination.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We're having lots of fun here, but we do miss everyone!

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