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Our first Mexican fish! We think is a mackeral.

We caught more .... lunch!

We left Ensenada as planned the afternoon of 11/11, on an overnight journey to Bahia San Quintin.

It was windy and fairly rough, but that means we were able to sail most of the way! Bryan has now been fully initiated as crew, since he got seasick. So much for our friends who told us it was all "gravy" south of Point Conception.

We arrived in Bahia San Quintin around 11:30 a.m. on 11/12, which is about when we expected to arrive. Along the way, we visited with two other boats on the radio that were headed to the same place slightly ahead of us. It was still very windy and choppy when we arrived, probably blowing about 20 knots in the harbor. But, we anchored securely and got some rest.

The next day, it was much calmer. We stayed on the boat all day and read, wrote journals, etc. It had probably been weeks (maybe a month) since we had a day where we just sat, so it was a nice and relaxing change.

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