The RV profile

This what we look like on the road

Nov 10th On to Las Vegas. First stop is Fernley for breakfast with Dave's brother, Frank and wife Sharon. Then a short stop in Fallon at the storage shed to drop off some "stuff" we discovered we didn't need to take.

The pics are of our RV unit all hitched up and ready to go, in Fallon. This is what we look like going down the road. Many of you may not know what the "big gray thing" hanging on the side. It's our boat, a Porte Boat. It's a boat that folds into four length-ways sections. It's 10 ft long, 26 inches high, 4 inches thick with a weight of only 57 lbs. A good friend of ours, John Van Emmerik, did the setup and welding of the metal rack.

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