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I can't believe it's been 9 weeks since we landed in Bucksport - and now we're off again for the wilds of Bushnell, FL and other points south. We've been busy getting the little house in order. It's just the right size for us, too. Richard finished 'remodeling' the animal shed, making it into a storage shed for his tools and tractor. He also built a new back porch and stairs, which were in bad shape. Now that the leaves are gone, we can see what a good view we'll have when we get the dead brush and trees cleared away from the slope in front of the house. We can see a small part of the pond at the foot of the property, and more of King Mountain - on the other side of the pond. It's nothing but woods in that direction - lovely!

Today we need finish packing up what we need for the winter, storing what we don't, and closing up the little house. There's a man coming later to winterize the water system. Normally, we'd just drain the water out (like we used to do in the old days at the Cape). However, with the radon treatment equipment, it has to be handled differently. (Re the radon: the hill we live on is called Cancer Hill - think there's a connection between the radon in the water and the name?) We also need to make a last visit to the dump - no 'Dump Police' here, and that's a pleasure. And people are great about all the recycyling without being told what to do and not do. I love the hand-lettered sign that says, 'No deer parts - its a state law.'

We picked grandson Jack up last week in Boston, so he'll travel with us tomorrow to the campground in Connecticut, and then we'll drop him off at home in Dennis when we go to the Cape (to stay at the Mendes' - daughter and family) for Thanksgiving. We're looking forward to getting caught up on our hugs and kisses to last us the winter. Richard cut down a beautiful fir tree to bring to them for a Christmas Tree - hope it makes the trip OK. We'll also visit daughter-in-law Carol - Richard will winterize her heating system, since son John is off in Kosovo with the Army. We won't get in a visit with the Newton Highlands branch, but I'm sure we'll connect by phone (but that's not the same, so we'll look forward to a visit in the spring).

We made a last walk around some of our property - we're really looking forward to being back in the spring (when we'll have to wear netting because of the bugs!). Alan Gordon has completed the survey, and the new deed is all registered, so that's a plus We really enjoy Alan and his wife, and will get together when we return. Alan has encyclopedic knowledge of the area (and lots of other things) - a nice couple to know and visit with.

Off to finish the packing. I have successfully stowed my new Husqvarna Viking Designer SE (sewing machine) and new serger in the RV - with all the things that go with them. Quilting and sewing stuff is everywhere. I've been having a great time with the machines, and will miss having my own room to work in. I love retirement :)

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