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the black sky causing my delay

in the summer they have a pool

Greek flag

Worst day ever. First I was awoken by the man next door snoring so loudly that I had turn my mp3 player on to drown him out. Woke up early and checked out and was 15 minutes early waiting for m bus. It was 20 minutes late though. I checked with a cab driver how much it would cost to get to the port. He said 40 euros and I said no thanks.

The bus finally came and I hopped on and asked the guy where the ferry port was but I don't think he understood me. I started to panic when the clock said 9:30am and I was still on the bus and not in the town I needed to be in. I was praying that the port was next to the bus station.

Got to the bus station with 10 minutes to get to the port. I frantically asked people at the bus station for the ferry port. No one understood me. One guy tried to take my bags thinking I wanted to leave them there. I ran down a main looking street only to find it not leading to the port. Ran back up the hill, 5 minutes until my ferry was set to leave. Oh and by the way the whole time it's raining.

I finally see a sign that says Port and follow it. It is no where near the bus station and it's tiny. I wouldn't even call it a port but that's just me. I made it to the port late and I could see my ferry off in the distance. Felt like crying at this point but didn't. Took a deep breath and headed back up towards the bus station. Stopped at a travel place to ask about the ferry situations.

A greek man was there that spoke english and was really nice. He said I'de have to wait until Saturday to catch another ferry to Rhodes. Well that wasn't going to work. He said I should get back to Iraklion and take a ferry back to Pireaus (athen's port). So, thats what I did. Hopped back on a bus to Iraklion.

Got off the bus and headed for the ferry terminal just as it started to pour. It really wasn't my day as I wasn't wearing my rain jacket or anything. Had to stop, get it out and then run all the way to the ferry terminal with my bags. Got there just before it really started to come down. By this time my pants are soaking wet up to my knees. I ask the lady if a ferry is leaving for Pireaus today. She sold me a ticket and I gladly took a seat in the dry warm ferry terminal. I got there at 1pm and my ferry was due to leave at 9pm.

Did some reading, wrote in my journal, people watched. A lady from Ontario came to talk to me when she saw my canada patch on my bag. She said that due to the weather it sounded like the ferry wouldn't be leaving at 9pm but that we could sleep on the ferry. This day was just getting better. (sarcasm!)

At about 6:30pm I boarded the ferry. Found out that my ticket did not include a cabin and I was sent to the crappy reclining chairs. Threw my stuff down and headed upstairs to check out the boat. There was a few shops, 3 restaurants, a lounge and a sports pub. There was also a pool but it was closed off now. Found out that they had wireless internet on board so I bought a card and played on the net for a bit. But I only had access to hotmail pretty much.

At 9:30pm there was an announcement saying that we would not be sailing at this time due to bad weather. Attempted to sleep around midnight. It was freezing cold as they were pumping out the A/C. Threw on more layers, a scarf and my wrapped up in my rain jacket to stay somewhat warm. Slept quite well with my neck pillow although my back wasn't happy with me in the morning.

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