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Face Off

We saw a great hockey game Tuesday night. The Coyotes upset the Wild 4-3, so technically "my" team didn't win, but still a very good game. Plus Curtis Joseph was in goal for the Coyotes, so it was hard to root against him. Did you know he is the oldest player on their team, born in '67? We also got to see ex-Blue Pavel Demitra, who plays for the Wild, and he had a goal and an assist. Cyndi LeRiche had the first correct trivia question answers from last time, by the way, and did remind me that they were way too easy.

The former Glendale Arena, now the Arena, where the Coyotes play, is an outstanding venue for hockey. It seats about 17,000 but feels much more intimate. Plus there were no lines at concessions, bathrooms, etc., since it was probably less than half full. We were privileged to be there on "Mullet Night", with Billy Ray Cyrus in town to sing the national anthem and to judge the mullet contest. Okay, I did cringe, but he did sounded much better than I expected. The mullet contest would have been better if they had only allowed real mullets, and not those stupid fake wig ones. At least the winner had a real mullet.

The sound effect they have of a coyote howling sounds more like a rooster crowing, and they need to fix that. People around us were making fun of it too. The big excitement for me is that they have contests during the game where the winners get to ride ON THE ZAMBONI BETWEEN PERIODS!!!!!! Okay, they certainly never did this in St. Louis before, and if they've started it now, somebody should have told me, because I would have gone to a whole lot more games if I'd known I had a chance to ride on the zamboni. That would be SOOO COOL!!!!

The first period was a little slow to start off, but by the end of the second, we were both saying we'd regained some of our interest in hockey and would like to see more games again. Actually, it kind of made me sentimental for the old days at the Arena. Hockey hasn't really been the same in St. Louis since the Blues moved to the Kiel/Savvis/Whatever it's called this week Center. But those days at the old barn are long gone...good times, good times.

Also, Kevin wanted me to make sure I mentioned that this is the only professional sporting event he has ever been to where the parking was FREE. Yes, you read that correctly. I think even the Family Arena in St. Charles charges for parking, although it's been some time since I was there.

So that's our official hockey report. I don't know where we'll next have the chance to see a game, but we will take advantage of it when we do!

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