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Bernie and friends at the local restaraunt

Blondes have more fun and attract the locals.....

The local bottle shop - note the cage!!

Buddha on the Lake - Hyderabad

Birla Temple - on the hill Hydrerabad

same same but different

They heard I was cuming to Hyderabad and well a reputation precedes...

bernie and I last night in Hyders

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Hyderabad dreaming - ooops driving!!!

G'day all (namaste),

well here we are on our last day in Hyders (as we locals call it) B is sipping a Cranberry Breezer and I'm going with the faithful Kingfisher lager...We're about to catch a bus to Bangalore so this will be a short entry but we've seen Golconda Fort at night - for the sound and light show - the buddha on the lake (at night so we don't notice the rubbish...) and many temples - oh and of course our conference on Strength based strategies...the food in Hyders has been great and we've been trying all sorts of Veg meals - though we tried some meat and it was a bit dubious, so stayed with the veg stuff. We visited the famous Charmenare and the Mecca Mashid Mosque (which has holy stones from Mecca imbedded in the structure). Every morning (sunrise ... 5am)the muezzin, from the local mosque, wakes us up to go to prayers and we willingly turn up the fan to drown him out ;-)))but then the chai man comes around with morning tea at 6am so either way you're up and about early.

We visited the Salar Jung Museum - unfortunately it was also childrens day so there were a zillion kids (I'm not joking...) in there, we had to shake hands and tell them where we were from - but kids are great fun, until i jokingly agreed with one that I was Shane Warne and that I had Brett Lees phone number in my phone...before I knew it we were inundated with kids after Bretts number!!!

We've met some great people in Hyders, not least of all the Auto rickshaw drivers (aka tuk tuk's) when they would turn up the Hindy music, nod their heads, and Bernie would get into her Bollywood dancing - much to the awe of the locals on the m/bikes alongside and the drivers themselves, but I'll never complain about a 5 minute traffic hold up at Northbourne Ave again (that's the main street in Canberra for those of you who are saying WTF)

Bangalore will take us 12 hours and is the IT capital apparently, but from there we'll quickly head to the East coast and Chennai (Madras to you heathens ;-))The bus we're taking is an air conditioned Volvo but who knows what fun that entails...

I've been told the vdo's aren't downloading so well and would welcome some feedback as we've been deleting everything off the camera after uploading so if its not working please let us know...

So from Robbiejee and Berniejee its goodnight and chat soon

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