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Local dress

Royal Palace

House with mourning banners

Locals fishing

Man fishing


Kings memorial

Spent a couple of days waiting for my flight out to Fiji and just hung around in Nuku'alofa which isn't the greatest place. Did get my own room for 6 pound though which can't be bad. Wondered around the shops (of which there aren't many) and ate in the Friends cafe because it's about the only busy place in town. Took a wonder up to the palace and the streets are still pretty deserted. All the buildings were still covered in black and purple banners from the Kings death but I have seen some kids pulling them down so maybe it's getting a bit much after 60 days I think it's been. Kept bumping into people I met at Toni's and on Pangiamotu - there aren't that many tourists in Tonga and most are in the Friends cafe at some point it seems! Sadly this has recently burned down along with everything else including my hostel.

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