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Ah, another day and another state. Vermont, the Green Mountain state I believe. This time of year it is browns and reds, yellows and oranges and beautiful. Come to think of it, we have not found a state that is not beautiful in its own way. All are different in some ways and alike in others, but all are wonderful.

We followed Hwy 2 across New Hampshire and into Vermont.

We stayed in a place called Limehurst RV Park. It was sort of out of the way from the places we wanted to see, but it was OPEN. LOL

Upon entering Vermont, at St. Johnsbury, we stopped at a Welcome Center, and picked up some information about where things were located. I found a brochure about a Dog Chapel nearby. I was so intrigued I insisted we had to go there. Here is a link to the web page for the artist who built this chapel. Just click on Dog Chapel. It was a highlight of my Vermont trip for even beats out Ben and Jerry's, but more about that later.

We continued South of Barry (say Berry) to the Limehurst RV Park near Williamstown and settled in for the night.

The next day we went to the granite quarry called Rock of Ages. We had a tour of the granite mountain quarry works and saw a film about the history of that particular area of granite. And we also toured the place where they make the monumets they are so famous for.

After that, we drove around the areas around Barre and Montpelier. It had started to blow a cold wind and we wanted to stay inside. Again we enjoyed the changing colors and the local scenery and then headed to an Irish Pub for early dinner. We want to know how they can advertise something as an Irish Pub when they are NOT playing Irish music? LOL

On Tuesday to headed for Waterbury and new sights. We toured a working Apple Cider Mill and enjoyed fresh cider and cider doughnuts. Then we went to the Cobalt Cheese tasting room and filled up on bites of about 20 different kinds of cheese.

While at the Cobalt complex, I noticed a camera shop and went in to get an additional disk for my digital camera. I came out with a new Cannon digital camera that does stills and videos too. That was the most expensive side trip so far. LOL The guy was not busy and I mentioned that I had been thinking of buying a new camera, but had been very frustrated because I could not find out factual information about what I thought I wanted. He asked me a few questions, and then pulled down a Cannon to show me. While he was showing us the features, a fellow came in to buy a lens and was listening. He interrupted and said he really liked his Cannon cameras, took this one from the salesman and started showing us how we can do different things with it. After about 5 minutes I said, "I don't know what your commission is for this deal, but you just sold me this camera." The salesman was delighted, I was delighted and Roger was out a bunch of bucks. LOL

Yes, I really do like the new camera and when I learn all it's tricks I'll like it even better. It is bigger than I thought I wanted, but it is easy to hold on to, and it takes very nice pictures - - when I remember to do what I am supposed to.

After that, we headed to the Ben and Jerry Ice Cream Factory. Now I like Ben and Jerry Ice Cream, even though I am not a fan of them is a political thing that I won't go into. But they have the worst factory tour we have ever been on. They take way too many people at one time and you cannot see anything or hear the tour guide either. It was very disappointing to say the least. I was only glad it was not an expensive ticket or I would have been really upset. And since none of us like Rum Raisin ice cream, we were none to pleased with the sample they were giving out that day.

Soooooooo.....we just had to head to the ice cream vending window and get something we really wanted. LOL It was pouring rain outside, so we didn't get to see any of the grounds or cows either, but that was OK. We all have see pasture and cows.

We were all tired after all this touring and not hungry because of all the cider, doughnuts, cheese and ice cream, so we headed back to Limehurst and our little toasty home. We didn't even venture out that night to find a pub.

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