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Walk around island

View from island


View from my fale

View from the bar

Leaving the island

Left Toni's but he talked me out of flying to Haipaii for 4 days - I guess it was a crazy idea for the price. Got the ferry out to a resort island (even though he also tried to talk me out of that) as there is absolutely nothing to do in the city on Sundays - no shops, no cafes open and no people anywhere. The island turned out to be pretty quiet anyway (apart from on Sunday when loads of locals turned up also trying to escape the Sunday fun ban). I had a little beach fale to myself with a little oil lamp to read with and that was me for two days. You could circle the island in 20 minutes so that soon wore thin (I did do it 5 times), sand flies were a nightmare so sitting on my balcony wasn't much fun and the bar charged $5 for a bottle of water! I snorkelled out to the wreck (in clothes which was hard work - don't know why I bothered because then some others jumped out in bikinis!) which was further than it looked and for some strange reason even given the angle the tip was pointing out of the water I didn't quite appreciate that meant there was a 200ft drop off in the ocean floor - so that was fun - vertigo under water!

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