Doug and Edith's 2006 Viaje Loco travel blog


Edith and our water taxi

Edith and the water routes

Crossing the ''mighty'' river

The marsh part of the trail

"I should have booked a suite"

Beautiful day

Tigre is a little river town about 30 miles north of Buenos Aires. It serves mainly as a weekend home destination for the high-falutin ''Portenos''.

We took a train up to Tigre, then boarded a wooden water taxi to ferry us up the river. While in the taxi, we passed many beautiful waterfront homes. Very nice.

We got off the taxi about 30 minutes into the trip, where we heard there were some walking trails. That's when Tigre got very interesting. The year-round residents in Tigre live on tree-lined embankments. There are no cars, and instead a series of canals in which to pawer or row small boats around. We walked on the embankments for hours, pretty much through everyone's front yard. (The walkway from one house to another goes through everyone's front yard.)

Eventually, we reached the end of the homes and entered a marshy forest. We walked further, protected from the hot sun by a beautiful overhead tree canopy, and progressed further into the marsh. At some point, we decided to turn around, headed back to the taxi spot, and grabbed lunch. Not too bad!

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