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Looking back at my Nepal trip, I must say that I had an amazing time. The food (Dal Baht), people and scenery were all great. I'll have to say that I was a bit annoyed at all the pushy salepeople, and the constant markup (foreign prices) and haggling involved with everything. I really didn't want to have to negotiate for everything since the prices were so low anyway, but it's the principle. Get quoted one price, and then another comes up later. I guess, if you like that kind of thing, it's fun.

I must say that the most memorable thing, oddly enough, was the animal sacrafice. You think it would be fun to be two feet away from such a thing, but it's rather gross. I mean, since it's a Hindu temple, you have to go in barefoot, so you're walking in the blood of all these animals, and this filters into a small lake that fills up red. You would think these animals would know what's going on since there are all these heads lying around, but they don't. I don't want to take anything away from the trek, because that was great too. I think the best time, however, was going to eat with Kalyan and Sujon at their home. It was such a great experience. We sat around and ate Dal Baht to start off the trek, and then finished off with EF Mutton to end the trek. Such an amazing experience. I really felt like a part of Nepal during this. We had neighbors come over and share our Tushke Brandy (we got on the trek), ate food and watched TV. A memorable time that will never be forgotton. I got a ticket to fly around Mt. Everest, but after a few days of bad weather, we had to cancel the flight. I really wanted to do that, but things like this happen and you can't really do anything about it.

As for India, I must say that my nose, ears and throat have never felt like this before. I truly appreciate the smog checks in the US now. I haven't seen anyone drinking cow urine (however, EF did drink his own, which kind of made me hesitant to eat him; but I did anyway) as has been reported. There are many people who have the personal freedom to go where they please though. Suprisingly, the prices here for goods are much, much lower than in Nepal. The people here are very nice. I'll leave for Jaimsler and Udaipur tomorrow, and return in time to meet Tate in a few days.

I'm still trying to find a place where I can upload a picture without it taking 20 minutes to upload a single picture, but it's been nearly impossible. Don't worry, I'll keep trying.

PS I noticed that a picture of the Warsaw ghetto is in the Nepal section. Not sure how that got there, but it's next to the picture of us with a background of Ghorapurna glacier. Anyway, that's a memorial to the Warsaw ghetto. Anyway, I updated the Poland section with some pictures, as well as the Kathmandu tour section. I can only upload 3 pictures at a time though.

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