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Campground entrance


Our front window view

Our right side view

My best view

Our lamppost

The warmth of fellowship



Kids enjoy the fall outdoors

Kids still having fun

Not us, but several did

So much fall beauty

Read the sign

Outside the little church #1

Outside the little church #2

Inside the little church

The parsonage

During our entire camping lives, we have probably spent more time at Montgomery Bell State Park, 30-40 miles west of Nashville, than we have at any other single campground. We were there when Brian & Kevin were pre-school & elementary school ages.

Oh, how we have progressed. I remember so vividly the picture that we have somewhere amongst the keepsakes of our campsite during one of those trips. I'll try my best to describe the picture for you to imagine.

We had a 1981 mint-green Honda Accord, which was our "nice, family" car. Honda Accords in that era were much smaller than they are today. In spite of their small size, I towed a 6' x 8' flatbed utility trailer behind it, complete with side-rails that I had made out of doubled-up 1 x 2's left-over from another project.

We hauled the tent, stove, sleeping bags, bicycles, utility chest, & who knows what else in that trailer for our camping trips. Yep, that $400 trailer was one of the forerunners of the motorhome that we have today.

I think I said it in the early pages of this journal, but perhaps it bears repeating here. We fully realize that we have it very nice now, but we do feel like we have paid our dues over the years in less modern "camping" equipment.

Partially from a guilt of not having taken many pictures lately & partly just because so many Kodak moments presented themselves, I probably went overboard with the pictures.

Vicki & I had briefly chatted earlier in the week about the potential crowd to be at MBSP, & I had said that I expected the crowd to be minimal. Since Vicki was coming down directly from work, & I was going directly from home, I arrived a couple of hours before she did. Much to my surprise, when I arrived the park was probably +80% filled, & a few more sites were taken after our arrival. As you can tell from the pictures, many people had the same idea as we.

As always when we are out amongst nature, regardless of the location or the circumstances, we again enjoyed ourselves this weekend. One of the many aspects that I enjoy about MBSP is the layout of the camping area.

Campsites are close enough to generate a social atmosphere, yet spacious enough to have some room to stretch without bumping the neighbors. The sites are set in & amongst a heavy canopy of trees, providing shade in the summer, beauty in the fall, or as in this weekend, the beauty of the mostly-barren limbs, with the rustle of fallen & dried leaves under foot. One bathhouse is relatively nice, the others, well, they are bathhouses. A creek flows alongside the campground, oftentimes with schools of small fish flitting about. The park itself is much larger than just the campground.

Following is what the park's website has to say about it

Montgomery Bell State Park is located seven miles east of Dickson in Dickson County. The rolling hills of Dickson County contain a treasure that was considered more precious than gold to the builders of young America. The treasure was iron ore, and it lured men by the hundreds to this area of Middle Tennessee. The site of the first Cumberland Presbyterian Church is located at Montgomery Bell State Park.

The iron industry in Dickson County has been long silent, but the 3,782 acres that make up Montgomery Bell State Resort Park still show the signs of its presence. Near the remains of the Old Laurel Furnace, ore pits, where men once scratched iron ore from the earth, lie quiet and abandoned; the hardwood forest, once heavily cut to clear farmland, and to produce charcoal for the iron furnaces, has slowly healed its wounds. Fox, squirrel, raccoon, opossum, deer and a wide variety of birds and wildflowers have returned to the forest, making Montgomery Bell a place of quiet natural beauty.

I particularly enjoy visiting the small church within the park. Very few times have we visited the park without including a trip to the church. There is just something very spiritual & reverent about stepping inside of that church.

When Kevin, Stef, Cameron & Tori were visiting back in December, we took the bus to MBSP for a couple of nights with them. Maybe it was my imagination, but I sensed that they too felt that spirituality & reverence.

I hope the pics give you a sense of having spent time in the peacefulness of the woods & the church.

Friday afternoon, while waiting for Vicki to arrive, I received a phone call setting an appointment for showing the house Saturday. It was only then that I realized that I had left the house without completing all of the touch-ups appropriate for a showing. As I wrote in the last entry, it had been a few weeks since our previous showing, & it just didn't occur to me that we might have a showing while we were away.

Nevertheless, the report today from our realtor is that the showing went well, & the lookers have some interest. We'll see if an offer is forthcoming in the next few days.

We & the realtor have continued to evaluate pricing, & have decided to drop the price by about 3% to be a bit more in-line with the other houses that most closely compare to ours. The realtor has also had a virtual tour website prepared, in which a viewer can see the exterior & several interior areas 360-degrees as though they are actually standing at/in the house.

We have submitted our medical insurance application to that agent, & are awaiting the 45-day window prior to the effective date to open so that he can submit the application to the company.

Vicki's comment tonight, about herself at her office (to which I can so well relate) ........ "I'm feeling like a lame-duck now that Sherrie (her successor) has done so well assuming the responsibility". Ohhh, what a dilemma!!!!!!!!

Unless I am forgetting something, that is about all (maybe too much) worth saying from here.

Till next time, remember to enjoy life every day.

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