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Lovely sunshine

waterfalls in Petrehue

Bus to Puerto Varas where so far there has been rain, rain, and oh.... more rain. Visited Petrahue, which looks like a town on the map, but which is in fact about 5 huts and one hotel. Walked around the volcano area and a really beautiful lake. Visited the Santo del Petrahue (waterfalls). Really clear water, a lovely blue. No buses back from Petrahue (waited 3 hours !), so we ended up hitching a lift with some Chilean military school bus. They offered us biscuits drinks and took photos of us....!

Now at last we see the blue sky. About to walk down to the lake to see if we can catch a glimpse of the Volcanoes.

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Hostel: Compas del Sur - great hostel really friendly with good rooms at good prices.

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