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Sun 10/30/06 1:00 pm is the first "official" Baja Ha-Ha event. The pre- Ha Ha costume party and barbecue at the Cabrillo marina. We come dressed as Bees... the Queen Bee and her worker bees - after scrambling to find Roberta a bee costume in SD. We are initially the hit of the party... everyone wants our picture. We're told we're in the running for "Best Group Costume" prize. In fact, we understand our photo's already on Latitude 38's website, 'Lectronic Latitude, though we've not seen it. Check it out for us!

However, our celebrity status is short lived until the Malan Clan (with Tom & Dorinda) arrives! They are our sailing pals from Carmichael who are taking a year off with their kids and sailing to Australia. Dorinda has created a fabulous group costume - they are cave people - and look fabulous. Our star quickly fades... as expected, the award goes to the Malans -especially since it is daughter Abby's 13th Birthday and she is given the top price of an inflatable kayak.

For more fun photos... see the Latitude website:

Mon 10/30/06 @ 11:00 am. We're off... the race/ralley officially starts! We sail out of San Diego Bay and head for Mexico!

360 miles and 55 hours NON-STOP later, and we arrive in Turtle Bay, Mexico, our first stop in the Rally.

Notable events during the passage:

1) Nobody got sick!

2) We averaged 7 knts - winds averaged 12 to 16 knots, but built one night to average 20 to 22 with gusts to 28! Mr. Toad's Wild Ride that night! We were rocking & rolling all night.

3) Were able to enjoy good passage, one bowl meals of spaghetti and minestrone!

4) Took 3 hours shifts (9 pm - midnight; midnight to 3:00 am, and 3:00 am to 6:00 am). "hot bunking" as necessary.

Arrived in Turtle Bay around 6:30 pm on Wed 11/1/06 and were grateful for the first showers since Monday am!

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